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After Sexual Betrayal

Betrayal Isn’t Normal

If you have ever felt the gripping pain of a partner cheating on you sexually or the gut wrenching insecurity of your ultimate love being addicted to pornography, YOU have been sexually betrayed. Sexual betrayal is when your partner becomes sexually fulfilled through any means that makes you feel unsafe, deceived, fearful, and ashamed.

I’m Lucretia

With over 7 years of professional counseling experience along with aiding women in recovery from sexual betrayal, I understand the vicious cycle and traumatic effects sexual betrayal can bring to a relationship. I have been there. I have suffered from the toxic effects of sexual betrayal and know what it feels like to be in a relationship with a person consumed by their own sexual desires. I understand the experience of feeling used, inadequate, and untrusting of both yourself and your partner. I understand the impact felt from a partner going outside of the relationship for sexual gratification. Being with a partner who prefers adulterous affairs (both physical and/or emotional), strip clubs, and pornography to name a few leaves one feeling hopeless.

What I Do

Contrary to cultural beliefs, behaviors like porn addiction, masturbation, cybersex, affairs, and other sexually illicit behavior DOES NOT have to be a normal part of your relationship. It IS possible to have a thriving relationship without the looming feeling of not being enough for your partner and I can help you get there.

What if you could talk to an expert on sexual betrayal?

I have discovered a system that can assist you in recovering and bring healing to most importantly yourself while also working on and healing the relationship if you so choose. Even though I am trained in professional counseling, I have discovered that coming alongside you as a coach is the most effective way for me to help you in your relationships.

Single Women

I coach and empower single women to reclaim their identity and their goals after being victims of sexual betrayal.  


If you and your partner would like to work through some of the issues affecting your intimacy together, I can help facilitate a transformative session to bring clarity and direction to the relationship.


I provide rich and interactive facilitation for small groups for any of my coaching programs.

I am forever grateful for Lucretia’s support and guidance in supporting my decision to leave an abusive relationship. She not only provided pivotal insight but helped me to recognize my own strength and value. Lucretia helped me to break free from negative self-talk and patterns that were holding me back for years. She’s a true champion and advocate for empowering women to know their self-worth.


I met Lucretia during one of the most challenging times of my life. I was a full time graduate student in a fast-track program attending to assignments, internship, two children, and a house while my husband was working overseas. My family lives three states away from me, so asking for help was a chore within itself. Lucretia was my mentor while interning. She taught me how to work in the mental health field in addition to personally giving advice. I hit some low points, feeling overwhelmed and under-loved at times. Lucretia was very supportive and built positive resiliency within myself I never could have alone. She helped my self-confidence and self-worth grow. Thank you for the tools of empowerment!


Lucretia has been pivotal in my growth process in many areas. Lucretia has helped me stay in tune with my God given purpose offering complete understanding that human nature is to wander off the path getting lost in finding ourselves again, eventually realizing we need help along the way. Lucretia empowers people by reminding them that it is important to stay grounded, humble and focused. Lucretia’s smile and laughter lighten the atmosphere seemingly automatic, making it very easy to trust in your decision in relying on her capabilities as a coach. Lucretia expresses her advice; lacing it with positivity and realism. Highly recommended.


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