Coaching Programs

I am here to help. Even though I am trained in professional counseling, I have discovered that coming alongside you as a coach is the most effective way for me to help you in your relationships. I have several tailored programs just for you.

Healing from sexual betrayal isn’t always easy, but it is possible. If you are looking to reclaim your life after years of betrayal or simply desire a support system to help you recover, this coaching program will help. In this program,  I help you to identify areas of emotional vulnerabilities,  partner with you to set new life goals, help you to overcome shame, work with you to rebuild your self-image and assist you in creating new boundaries.

Three Sessions / Individual, Couple, or Group

In this session, I help you to get clear about the sexual issues you are bothered with concerning your partner. Whether you have discovered your husband is having an affair or simply have questions about some peculiar sexual preferences of your partner, we will unpack these issues to identify the state of the relationship. In this session, we will:

  • Get clarity about what is healthy and unhealthy sexual behavior with your partner
  • Understand the signs of variant sexual behavior in your partner
  • Discover ways to better communicate with your partner about their behavior

One 90 Minute Session

Some things are best addressed together than apart. If you and your partner would like to work through some of the issues affecting your intimacy together, I can help facilitate a transformative session to bring clarity and direction to the relationship. In this session, we can:


  • De-escalate tension between couples caught in the heat of sexual betrayal
  • Provide coaching on communication best practices
  • Develop a post-betrayal action plan for a stronger sexual relationship
  • Identify each individual’s sexual value worldview
  • Cultivate healthy discussions on sexual values

One 2 Hour Session

Progress looks different for everyone after sexual betrayal. How do you know if you or your partner are progressing? What are reasonable goals and what aren’t? How do you know if your progress is enough? In this three-session coaching, you learn how to identify whether or not your partner is progressing in diminishing attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors that could lead to future sexual betrayal.

Three Sessions / Individual, Couple, or Group

Support is critical to relational restoration. Understanding each other and your individual needs will help you
understand how to best nurture your relationship. In this program, you will identify healthy ways to support one another and discover strategies to articulate your needs and expectations with your significant another.

Three Sessions / Individual, Couple, or Group

Like water is to our bodies, healthy communication is an essential part of building thriving relationships. In these sessions, we will work through a detailed communication plan to help you build healthy communication habits that will benefit yourself and your partner. We will identify areas of communication that sexual betrayal has damaged and learn best practices to responding when communication issues rise again.

Three Sessions / Individual, Couple, or Group

If you are looking for a comprehensive, extensive program that encompases all three tracks, my Recovery Program is a great way to go. In this program you will get all three sessions of the Identification, Support and Communication Tracks. 

Nine  Sessions / Individual, Couple, or Group

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